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How to make a Bouquet

How to make your own bridal bouquet

It is not as complicated as you might think to create your own bridal bouquet. Here are some tips on creating your own bridal bouquet using 18 roses.

Here is what you need to create your own bridal bouquet

     Bridal Bouquet Supplies

  • 18 roses or flowers of your choice
  • ribbon (match color to your wedding theme)
  • straight sewing pins with decorative pin heads
  • flower cutter or sharp strong scissors
  • room temperature water in clean vase
  • floral food
  • floral tape or masking tape
  • hairspray

Preparing flowers for your bridal bouquet  Choose your flowers (colors should go with your wedding theme). Pick straight long stems and flowers with immaculate petals. Put flowers in water with floral food (read instructions!) for at least 5 hours. To prepare the stems, clean them of all leaves and thorns.

Creating your bridal bouquet  Pick center flower. Take 3 flowers and place them around the center one. Bind them together with floral or masking tape about 2-3 inches below the flower buds. Take more flowers and place them in the spaces between the last layer. If you combine more than one type of flower, make sure the placement of different flowers is not too symmetrical. Bind the flowers with tape after every layer. Make sure that you put the tape in the spot/height than the previous layer.

Placing ribbon on your bridal bouquet  After the flowers are in place, take the ribbon and wrap it around the stem. Be sure to cover the floral tape. Start at the top and work your way down the stem, then up again. Secure the ribbon with pins at top and bottom as you go along.

Finishing touches on your bridal bouquet  Spray the flowers with hairspray for preservation. You might even choose a sparkling hairspray for an extravagant effect. Placing adhesive rhinestones, crystals or pearls on your bridal bouquet gives it a glamorous look.

Voilà – You just made your own bridal bouquet!

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